Tuesday, 27 September 2016

THE SCABS - There's Nothing Wrong 7'' 1981

I thought So Called Friends is Scabs' best song but they can make it better with their second 7Inch, again on Refused Records. The title track is a driving number wherein the bass dominates the rhythm and the rest fits to, it's like a drug as in some cultures where people singing oneself into a frenzy you know. At 3:30 in the morning certainly a difficult challenge and holidays are not in. The flip is a bit weak and is in my opinion too poppy and uninspired... and now a big cup of coffee.

- Special Thx to Reinhard -


Monday, 26 September 2016

WATABOUT - Snutstat EP 1979

Right now this morning and I'm damn tired and continue with this little platte. I listen to this rare piece hard edged swedish kbd punk debut by this Stockholm group which was released by the small label Bröderna Surf and this is a must have. Only record I think, they exist from 1978 - 1980, played a few gigs and then disappear. They are represented on numerous compilatons (check discogs) and that's all info. Superb record which is issued in a small edition. That's it for now. Next, a shower.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 24 September 2016

CRETINS - Live @ The Set-A-Lite 7'' 1987

The Cretins from Hanover are a German punk which I like a lot. Founded 1979 by M.O.F. Remmington (vox), Tier (drums), Trans Barbie (bass) and Hoss (guitars) and a few play also in Blut+Eisen. Their debut 7inch came out 1980 on No Fun Records and is a damn cool record with three killer tracks, Heimkind is one of my favourite Cretins songs. No wonder this cracker was re-released in 2005 with three live cuts (No Fun Festival 1980) on the b-side. After the release of the Keine Experimente II (a must have and coming soon!) compilation on Weird System the label put out a 10Inch called Man Between Walls in a limited edition of 1000 copies in 1985 and the bands sound goes more into a guitar rock direction but this not affects the punk factor. The last release is under the bandname is rare 7inch on Saturn Records and these two songs were recorded live January 1987 in Berlin @ the Quartier Latin through the Set-A-Lite concert and there exist also a video from this gig but I never see this elsewhere. Well, I will post soon their 10Inch and the Cretins changed then into Fun Fun Crisis and released a Mini-Album which is also great, Cheers, Donut! Well, the bands sound is really cool and I can't them throw away from my turntable. Enjoy this little rocket, the last for today, I leave home and ride to the stadium against Hertha BSC, for more three points!

EXIT CONDITION - Bite Down Hard EP 1988

From the West Midlands town of Stoke On Trent, Exit Condition (1988-1994) were part of the mid 80’s UK melodic punk/hardcore scene in vein of Snuff, Leatherface, etc... This six song record marks their vinyl debut and the band play a straight decent lively hardcore beat with a thundering guitar sound reminicent of British punk at the time it first began competing with the US in the speed trials. Credit for this excellent fusin of style certainly must go to the bands producer, former Discharge and Broken Bones guitarist Bones. Finished off nicely with the cool artwork by Squeal and Pushead this makes for a pretty nifty entrance, highly recommended. One more 7Inch can be listen at 8th Sin.

GLI INCESTI - Punk Rock 7'' 1977

Early Italian Punk from Gli Incesti and this is the band's first record on CLS with two rockin' songs. One of the first groups to approach the new British sound was the Milanese duo of Gli Incesti, formed by brothers Leo (who died ten years ago) and Antonella. They released one album called Ecco in 1978 and that's it. Enjoy this blast from the past and have a nice weekend!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 23 September 2016

V.H. DE STRAKS - Groeten Uit De Vrije Wereld EP 1982

With this record they changed their bandname to V.H. De Straks (formerly DE STRAKS) because of troubles with an anarchist newspaper with the same name. But not only their bandname changed, on their first record they played really raw punk with lyrics against the Dutch queen but on this record they play really melodic and poppy punk with lyrics about how the politicians do everything for their own interest which is nothing new. As a small bonus I pack the Vrij Onverteerd EP within.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

ENDLESS STRUGGLE - Leathers, Studs & Punks EP 1999

First record by this cool streetpunk combo on Charged records with four excellent mid-tempo smashers that kicks ass, ordinary fast, hard and melodic. Hailing from Salt Lake City and founded 1995 from the former Total Chaos member Magoo. You need more info so click to geocities where you find an interview with lead vocalist Bobby Strggle. Read while listening to the mucke.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

THE FREEZE - @Frankfurt AU 31.07.2009

Here is short concert video from The Freeze, which I filmed seven years ago @ the AU in Frankfurt, the old but very lively men came again over the big ocean after a long time of abstinence to Germany and start a little tour in 2009.

All I can say to you is that: it is absolutely worth to visit a Freeze gig! about sixty minutes of pure energy & fun. I'm not the greatest reviewer so I try to film a little with my camera (if i'm not drunk, haha) and put this evening in images (not always successful). Here I remember a lot of Pogodancing and it was incredible difficult. But I'm not just there for filming, right? So I think the pic speaks for itself, so enjoy this five song video in twelve minutes and the quality is largely goodB.t.w., Dr. Drunk post their awesome live album Five Way Fury from their 1991 tour, I think through the US, with massive hits. If you love the Cape Cod sound you should get this. They're still alive and that's just as well!

Monday, 19 September 2016

OHL - s/t EP 1981

Shitty coldy weather here, it seems as if it's raining now. So let's go on and fill the blog with more rarities. Here is the first OHL record which was released on the now scum Rock-O-Rama label and you could praise this as a crazy German-punk classic, a bit mushy and with calm guitars but melodious songs (the back cover says "Take" recordings, hmmm..). Three unpolished and rough lovesongs from Deutscher W & Co. and they show how brute the early years of OHL were before they went into a more darker sound (listen to their Jenseits Von Gut & Böse album for example). Nevertheless, the hatred in the voice of the singer Deutscher W (W stands for resistance or wealth?) is fuckin' impressive and the style is consistently continued on the following albums. Not everyone's cup of tea I think, but for me are OHL as well one of the important bands of German punkrock and their stuff is still worth listening to, perhaps out of date but zappy.

- Huge Thx to Reinhard -