Friday, 24 March 2017

NISSES NÖTTER - Hammerhill Holocaust '83-'85

I'm ready for KARIES and FRONT in Wiesbaden and I'm in a hurry so a quick post and a yummy Hardcore Attack. This band had no official release and I wonder why because they're damn good. Nisses Nötter was a punkband from the suburb Hammarkullen in Gothenburg. Hansi Baumgartner (guitar), Nico Bergling (vocals), Tommie Liekola (bass) and Hans Wilholm (drums) started to play together in 1983. They made a cassette for Äggtapes called "Knäckta Nötter" in 1984. They made lots of gigs in Gothenburg and became famous mostly for their young age =11-12 year old punkrockers! And their gang: HK-Punks. Paul Vahala replaced Tommie as bass player in 1985. A few gigs were made and then the band went seperate ways. Nisses Nötter became The Nuts in 1986. In 2006 Nisses Nötter were regenerated, new songs were made and the band is out for gigs. Maybe their first record will come out, who knows. In 2008 the American label Farmhouse records released this superb compilation with all their recordings, some live stuff. A brilliant documentation plus a great artwork with lots of pictures, all lyrics and a short biography. "Punx not dead, we're only a bit older." All is said, haut rein boys!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

LEATHERFACE & JAWBOX - Your Choice Live Series 1994

The "Your Choice Live Series", every gourmet knows about these great live recordings and all releases are recorded in a high brilliant quality. Since 1988 this serie is alive and a lot of cool records were released. On this piece of orange vinyl we have two bands I would not use more words to describe them, Leatherface are known to everyone and I think Jawbox as well. Nothin' more to say, except I like the A-side more because Sunderland's punkrocker are one of my favourites and all albums are milestones. Marylands Jawbox isn't bad but the music's not mine. This record was released with two inserts, a further point for the label. And now: enjoy the record and this sweeping live sound.

Eagle/Not Superstitious/Speak In Tounges/Books/Pale Moonlight/Hops & Barley/I Can't Help Falling In Love/FF=66/Green Glass/Tongues/Chinese Fork Tie/Chicago Piano/Motorist

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

RAMONES - @ The Palladium, NYC 7.1.1978

"Hey Ho Let's Go" - Yes, you know what comes... Yeah, the Ramones and I must tell you not much. In the World Wide Web there is sufficient information available. Like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones stands for punkrock of the first hour. Every punk has their records in the shelf, of course even me. Unlike the British with their snotty anarchic style the Ramones playing short, melodic, snotty 1-2-3-4 hymns and influenced a lot of bands. They were also different from the outfit; leather jackets, worn jeans, sneakers and long hairstyles (like the Beatles), almost in uni-look, the Ramones outfit was born. For me in addition to the Dead Kennedys the best band from the U.S. - This bootleg was recorded at the Palladium in New York City on January 7, 1978 in an amazing sound quality. Tommy Ramone is the drummer on this recording. He left the band soon afterwards, although he continued to work with them as a producer and manager, this is his last album as drummer. Hard to believe that all members are dead. I will listen to the Ramones till my death because this feelin' is etched in me. Have fun with this sound and "Gabba Gabba Hey" my true followers.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

NORMAHL - Der Adler Ist Gelandet 1984

I think this record was a request by a visitor from the babbelstub and I'm chaotic and forget a lot but here I am sure. This is the third 12'' by Normahl, founded 1978 in Winnenden, near Stuttgart. Released via Mülleimer Records and as a cool bonus were the songs from the rare Stuttgart Über Alles EP packed, eine tolle Sache. The band had unfortunately never the reputation like the other German bands on AGR or Weird System although they wrote brilliant music with offensive lyrics (especially on this album). They were put into the fun-punk drawer and so they had this stigma on their throats. Sure, many songs go in this direction but I think Normahl have recognized the signs of the time and they want fun and brought clear their attitude and political statement over and take no leaf before the mouth. Well, this record is one of their best and was even released in red vinyl. A German classic!

COBRA - Indie Omnibus 82-86

A trip into the land of the rising sun and let's meet Cobra, a Japanese punk/Oi! band from Osaka and they were one of the first bands in Japan to incorporate the style of Oi! in their sound and since 1982 they are more or less active. A lot of records are released and the band is still alive. Of course it's not easy to get their records in Europe so this rip is not mine and I can't say how many copies were pressed from this CD but it's a nice compilation of their early recordings and when the music is not so stressful as much of the Pacific Island then I like that. Fourteen melodic punk lullabys in this file, mostly from their 7Inches and other sources (use the search option top left), gives you a decent impression from Yosu-Ko and his band. This picking was released 1991 via AA Records/Pony Canyon, grab it!

Monday, 20 March 2017

NO FUCK BÉBÉ - s/t LP 2012

Another lost nugget from France now finally available and No Fuck Bébé were formed 1979 in Montbeliard by René (vox+guitars), Lolo (bass) and Jimmy (drums) and they recorded all these goodies on this record in 1984 before they split up and Mémoire Neuve released this in an edition of 400 copies in 2012. Eleven solid rockin' punkies in the vein of the superb Dogs. Fine artwork but unfortunate everything in French, why remains unanswered. Anyway, sounds still fresh after thirty years, especially the instrumentals have a driving beat. A mind-blowing album.

- Big Thx to François -

Saturday, 18 March 2017

RED LONDON - This Is England 1984

One still goes before I leave home and we travel over to the British Isles and meet Red London, a four piece Oi! Punk combo from Sunderland, formed in 1981 by guitarist Kid and his brother Gaz on bass, vocalist Patty and drummer Raish and after the debut 7inch in 1983 they released their first album on Razor Records and they recorded thirteen excellent streetpunk songs with tempo and fine ballads and I must say this record fascinate me instantly because I love the English Oi! sound. Very melodic and dirty snotty guitars combined with the quiet pieces, simply fantastic and a singer who has a brilliant voice, Yeah!, lovely. You can get more Info via an Interview from the end of the century on PunkOiUK and in 2002 the band unfortunately disbanded. Yo, that's it for today. I must now make myself pretty and fresh for my pearl - Have a great weekend!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


V/A - Hardcore Power Music Part 2 1984

A rainy Saturday here and I am fit again after this hard week and as announced now the second Part Ultra Hardcore Power, whereby hardcore is slightly exaggerated. Ten bands, fifteen songs and an absolute increase to Volume 1. This compilation is packed with 85% unpublished stuff and convinced with many renowned German bands and in my opinion one of the most important D-Punk records, again via Mülleimer released, comes with a small Insert and partly in colored vinyl. A must have!

1.Unterwegs In Sachen Selbstmord - RAZZIA
2.Kämpf Um Dein Recht - AUSBRUCH
3.Thema S - INFERNO
4.Den Nächsten Krieg Gewinnt Der Tod - KOMMANDO SCHWARZER FREITAG
5.Wir Haben Was Zu Sagen - MANIACS
6.Samstag Nacht - IDIOTS
7.Bundespräsident - LUSTFINGER
8.Alkoholkonsum - SCHLUCKSPECHTE
10.Ein Tag Im Schatten - INFERNO
11.Weltkrieg - MANIACS
12.Deutscher Eid - AUSBRUCH
13.Verweigerung Total - TIN CAN ARMY
14.Kreuz Oder Kopf - RAZZIA
15.Zuviel Ist Nicht Genug - MOTTEK
16.Diese Stadt - MANIACS

Thursday, 16 March 2017

V/A - Ultra Hardcore Power 1983

I know this is not the Hardcore Vol 1 sampler that was required (I'll post it soon) but this one is just as essential. It's the first compilation from Mülleimer Records, the third most important German label in my opinion and have released in six years a few cool german punk records which are nowadays very sought and you can find a few of course on wdthtc. On this platte five bands, Normahl had at that time two records out, their legendary Stuttgart Über Alles EP and their first album Verarschung Total, Chaos Z with four cuts which are already sound dark and personel and already have the later Fliehende Stürme touch, all exclusive. In Stuttgart at home german Oi! combo Herbärds with their first vinyl outputs, two decent streetpunk numbers with funny lyrics. In 1984 the band released their debut album and they're somehow still active. Then Inferno from Augsburg and their classic hardcore tunes which made them interesting for the American punkers and their first album Tod & Wahnsinn is a blast (comin' soon) and last but not least Bluttat from Mülheim who unfortunately did not make the breakthrough, although they had three first-class brilliant hardcore albums with aggressive lyrics and they have been honored by Colturschock Records with a compilation called "Raw And Pure 1981-1984" (1000 copies) with old & rare goodies and I can recommend this record because it's fuckin' great. For a first label compilation not bad, everything sounds very raw and genuine and a year later Part 2 came out with more German underground noises, a better production and with bands which are not under contract upon Mülleimer and on the record are 100% exclusive tracks and it comes also in 192k/Bit in less than eight days. Cheers! and enjoy this early D-Punk classic.

1.Wein, Weiber & Gesang - NORMAHL
2.Alltagsshow - NORMAHL
3.Auf Der Mauer - NORMAHL
4.I'm Feeling Down - BLUTTAT
5.Ohne Mich - BLUTTAT
6.Slips & Mieder - HERBÄRDS
7.Schweinebauch - HERBÄRDS
8.Immer Noch Keine Antwort - CHAOS Z
9.Einsam - CHAOS Z
10.Qual Der Erinnerung - CHAOS Z
11.Verflucht - CHAOS Z
12.Wir Sind Schon Tot - INFERNO
13.Administration - INFERNO
14.Ronald Reagan - INFERNO
15.Nationalgefühl - INFERNO
16.Krieg Dem Krieg - BLUTTAT
17.Kohl Ist Gewählt - BLUTTAT
18.Computer - NORMAHL
19.Müslibrei - NORMAHL
20.Paragraphen - NORMAHL