Friday, 18 May 2018

ATTITUDE - No Sleep Through The 80s 1986-1988

A long weekend's coming and we start with one post because I'm not in FFM: Attitude is a Punk/Thrash/Crossover band from Oakland California that was founded in 1984 and went till 1995. Then reforming again in 2007 and are still active to this day. They released their debut and arguably their best know album 'American Paranoia' on Pushmort Records. Pusmort was a label done by the famous artist Pushead, lead singer of Septic DeathFormed as Attitude Adjustment in the early 80's in the San Francisco Bay Area they shortly went into the studio to record the Dead Serious Demo in 1985 and finally released their debut album, American Paranoia on Pusmort Records. This album is a classic HC one and for me the best AA release. In the middle of 1986 they changed their name into Attitude and released two pretty 12Inches and an EP, all togehter here and the music goes more into a thrash metal direction which really turns me on. That's all my true followers, habe a great weekend!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

NO SECURITY - 40-Talisterna EP 1987

Eskilstuna is located west of Stockholm and in 1985 No Security, a Swedish Hardcore/Punk band were formed in this little town. The band is widely regarded as one of the classic Hardcore/Punk bands in Sweden. The group's most famous member is Harri Mänty (vox) also been a member in the rock group Kent which were founded early 90s. Drummer Jari "Jallo" Lehto is currently working on Burning Heart Records and plays guitar in the band War Shot with people from Nasum and Totalitarian. Musically it works vigorously to the point, I don't understand a word from the texts, that's why a lyric-sheet is inside, raw & energetic. Great stuff for every HC maniac, so for me. The band released a couple of singles, mostly split EP's and two split albums with Doom and the finnish Valvontakomissio. In 1993 the band disappears from the scene. In the same year, the German label Lost & Found released a collection CD "When The Gist Is Sucked From The Fruit Of Welfare" with all the group's material. This slab is their second release and you're a fool if don't get it.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

RETAINERS - Lose It EP 2006

Now something for everyone with awesome speedgaragehardcore on P.Trash Records by the Retainers from Minneapolis. And they damn loud, their songs are full energy on high level and faster than the enjoyment of a cigarette. Some review's in the net so I pick up the one which is accurate: "The Retainers play the kind of reverb-drenched, sped up garage that made Scared of Chaka so special. Taking punk aggression and applying it to old model rock, they make it louder, sloppier, and angrier, but reliant on unique guitars and varied bass instead of a steady diet of power chords and basic rhthyms. As much as the screaming vocals and noisy guitars catch attention, the Retainers are held together by their rhythm section, with Eli Hansen's cymbal-heavy pounding keeping the mania in form, add to any collection." (Loren Green, Sep.2009) - For those of you who haven't heard the Retainers, be warned: they blown out fat garage rock to damage your ears in the most possible ways! If you like a hard hitting band you should check them out!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


One of the first Swedish Hardcore bands are now legends Missbrukarna (The Abusers) from Hudiksvall. Here togehter with Panik from Bollnäs. This record is better known as Livet Är Mjölk EP and was released on Forsaljud Records. Finest early 80s Hardcore/Punk and Missbrukarna with four awesome killer tracks, all songs very intense and catchy. Sure they have to featured on the first Really Fast compilation with three cuts. A few gigs were played and in 1988 the band finally broke up. In 2012 the Swedish label Skrammel Records released a compilation LP called "Zooma In En Zombie" with all Missbrukarna tracks, rehersals in Forsa '81 & the Forsa Studio Live '87 and more, this is not a bad choice. Panik released only this two numbers and they're at home in a rough '77 punk style and both tunes are pretty with snotty guitars and unfortunately disappeared from the scene. Anyway, both bands understood what is punkrock all about and do this in a excellent way.

SATAN 81 - Radioattivita 7'' 1981

About this combo from Italy I haven't much to tell. Satan 81 have only this 7Inch released via City Record and they have recorded two decent mid-tempo numbers and that's it. The a-side was used for the great Killed By Death D'Italia compilation. Very catchy distorted rhythm guitar with nice solos and pretty typical for the early 80's sound of the boot which short time later turned into terrific hardcore, really a pity that many good bands only made it to one fuckin' single, potential was undoubtedly present but I guess there was a lack of good labels and of course money. And today, thirty-five years later, we hunt and seek the treasures of the past. Strange, but that's the way it is!

V/A - Rock'N'Rennes 1981

All right, all requests for down files are fixed and re-upped and I'm sure you noticed that here was a little bit of silence last days. Well, spring failed and summer is burning and I prefer to go outside and enjoy a beer down by the river. So, now a nice compilation with bands from Rennes, released on Epic and this is a fine example of the early 80s french rock/new wave scene with unreleased tracks from some very elusive bands and 90% of the bands here disapearred soon after the release (at this point thx to Robert for these words)! I've been thinking a long time to post this slab because not everything is my taste and sometimes really lame but I think there are some among you who like this sound and for you is this.. I'm flexible and curious on your reactions.

1.Actrice - LES NUS
2.Nettoyage - TICKET
3.Kamikaze - UV JETS
4.Trop Cher Pour Toi - MR.HYDE
5.Die Sackgase - FRAKTURE
6.Sidérant - SAX PUSTULS
9.Y'A Pas - ALBANE
10.Nutchenka - PRIVATE JOKES

- Special Thx to François -


Friday, 4 May 2018

RIOT SQUAD - There's No Solution 7'' 1984

Riot Squad were a punk rock band from Mansfield, England and formed 1981 with an initial line-up of Duncan "Dunk" Mason (vocals), Nigel "Nello" Nelson (guitar), and Paul "Pommi" Palmer (drums), Nelson the only one of the three with any musical experienceinitially active till 1984. This 7'' was released in early 1984 but musical differences within the band would cause them to split that year. Their music is quite aggressive with politically lyrics. All of Riot Squad's recordings became highly collectable among Oi! and punk collectors in the ensuing years. A CD collection, appropriately titled Complete Punk Collection, was issued in the '90s by Anagram Records. Two timeless Punk Oysters which would not interfere any tape sampler. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

THE DARK - The Living End 1982

Second and last output by The Dark, a quartet from Islington, on Fallout Records and this captures the band playing their last ever gig (June 1982). Allow me a short info from PunkyGibbonFormed in late 1978, it took them a year or so to hit their stride. Their first lineup - John Flannagan (vocals), Billy O'Neil (guitar), Phil Langham (bass) and Jim Kane (drums) - lasted long enough to play just two gigs and record a demo. At this point Andy Riff (ex-Rotting Klits and The Suspects) joined on rhythm guitar and O'Neil played lead. The Rotting Klits had played a total of eight gigs (including several with Menace) and The Suspects had played four. After a few 7Inches they recorded the outlandishly Chemical Warfare album which is my opinion a Top UK punk record and everybody should have heard that and also the Captain Oi! compilation The Best Of The Dark ('95) with all their recordings, awesome.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

V/A - Dr.Strange 1996 Catalog

And last but not least a freebee from Doctor Strange label, @ home in sunny california and founded 1988 as a record distro/mailorder and they bring you a very good selection of rare & current hardcore punk in your house. This outrageously cool CD was add to an order, as far as I can remember (you don' get such every day) and that's a perfect example of the 90s US punk sound I think; melodic, fast and top produced. I'm @ home in the late 70's, early 80's but there's also stuff from this time which kick my ass, not always but hereof I'm excited. By the way, it would be nice to get something from the Wanted List, you fucker!

1.Whole Wheat - MAN DINGO
4.Uma 14 Times - ZOINKS!
5.Malted Vomit - GUTTERMOUTH
6.She Did - ILL REPUTE
10.Gibberish - GAMEFACE
11.999 Stoney - THE BOLLWEEVILS
12.Blue 60 - MAN DINGO
13.Darkest Days - SCHLEPROCK
14.Burning, Itching Irritation - SINKHOLE
16.I'm In Love With... - SKANKIN' PICKLE
17.I'm Hot Dog Boy & I Do Believe I Soiled My Dickie - PETER PAN


Sydney is calling and on the phone are The Celibate Rifles with their second album on Megadisc. Nine fantastic catchy and powerful songs and Australian rock historian Ian McFarlane described it as "still rough-hewn but with more variation, style and power than the debut". David Fricke of Rolling Stone felt it displayed "urban teen frenzy with lyricist Lovelock's adult fears erupting in a glowing atomic fireball of bazooka guitars and terminal volume". I can only underline that! Should you want more after listening to this slab, don't miss Quintessentially Yours, a compilation of early stuff. The band is still active and recently a limited album Roman Beach Party was released on Area Pirata. May rules!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -