Sunday, 18 February 2018

SEKAANNUS - Eksyneet EP 1987

Sekaannus (Confusion) was a punk band from Virrat and they were active 1983-1989 and again in 2008. The band was founded by four high school graduates early 1983 but quickly the bass player went. So Ari (vocals), Hate (guitar) and Sami (drums) started through and played first gigs, a short time later Juha joined as new singer and Ari moved to the bass. A demo was recorded 1984 and together with their friends Massacre they combine their money and released the first vinyl EP called 19??, three songs per band and the result is fast-paced hardcore with limited playing skills, and 300 copies were pressed. 'Kutsu' followed one year later and the music became a step slower but still okay. 1987 Hate left and was replaced by Mikko and this line-up recorded the brilliant Eksyneet EP, released via Stigma and Häkkinen is perhaps the most famous song of the band. Three solid mid-tempo Finnish geysers, highly recommend. The last studio album came 1988 (again on Stigma) called "Minä Ja Hän" with seven goodies. The band decided to make their expression simpler, resulting was a straightforward Hardcore tape recorded in Salo 1989 but is still unpublished. Also represented on compilations, mostly tapes from the 80s. During their six-year history Sekaannus played 30-40 gigs, the last of which was be played @ Puntala in summer of 1989.

2008 the band was re-activated and released two years later a new split EP with Abortti 13 and a split album again with Massacre. Ari (bass), Hate (vox + guitar on the EP), Juha (vocals), Sami (guitars) and Mikko (drums) play some gigs after their reunion and are back full in juice. More new songs are available as digital downloads somewhere.

V/A - Court Metrage EP 1994

For breakfast I serve some delicacies from the French label Panx Productions and the table is plenty covered with sixteen bands offering specialties from their countries, the whole pleasure takes just eleven minutes and so fast I haven't eaten any bun, garnished with eggs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers + strong coffee. Wish a healthy appetite everybody!

1.I Want You Too/Fuck - KWIK WAY
4.No Compromise - SIX FEET OVER
5.No Fraud - NO FRAUD
6.Now She Don't Care - WATCH YOU DROWN
7.Rumpus Room - POST MORTEM
10.Walking Contradiction - F.Y.P.
12.Scouting - SOCKEYE
13.Apartheid Inc. - BESMET
14.They - BLANKS '77
15.Casualty - P.U.S.
16.Crossing The Street With Don - SEA MONKEYS

Saturday, 17 February 2018

GLUEAMS - Live EP 1981

All these songs on this awesome EP were recorded @ the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival in November 1979 and Glueams are the only band which released a few samples of this legendary two-day festival and the sound quality is fuckin' TOP! Spray painted cover, done by Dorette herself and 1000 copies were pressed. Glueams were a swiss punk band from Bern with female singer and lyrics in swiss dialect. They had a short existence, I think two years exactly (1979-1981) and the band turned later to legendary art wave/punk band called Grauzone, who created the smash hit "Eisbär"! Glueams released all in all three 7inches and they arequite essential. Raw dirty + catchy killer stuff and extreme hard for an alpine country in my opinion. In 2010 came a complete discography album by Static Age out with all their official songs and if you had the chance to buy a copy don't hesitate. Swiss Punk at it's fuckin' best!! Cheers :)

Friday, 16 February 2018

RÄDSLA - Sanningen För Pojkar 1981

Founded 1979 in Lund/Sweden by Mikael (vocals), Henki + Boklund (guitars), Mats (bass) and Bure (drums) and together they were a pretty rough powerpop-punk blast, maybe the first who have long rehearsed. The name Rädsla (Fear) is taken from a song that they called Fear and they thought this was a good one because it is often found in newspapers with both: fun and exciting meanings. 1980 the band released their first 7Inch called "Mannen" on Heartwork Records with three songs, one year later this mini album followed, again on Heartwork Records and on it seven remarkable tunes. Not in the traditional KBD style, rather very playful with nice harmonic snotty guitars, exact my cup of tea and I can listen again & again to their charmin' sound. This album is a real highlight and everything is perfect. Rädsla have further contribute a few songs for various compilations (check Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3 & 4 for example) and 1981 the band broke up. Enjoy this music and finally you will say: "From being nothing, they have become something!"

Thursday, 15 February 2018

CHARTS - Tears 7'' 1979

At the beginning of the punkhype Belgium had a lively scene and lots of good bands made cool records, one of them follows now and it's another re-post which was first posted on the unfortunately inactive Girls From Tahiti Blog seven years ago and as loyal reader you know which rare and fantastic records were to be found there. Well, about the Charts there is absolutely zero info and even on relevant compilations the four are nowhere to found. Their only slab was released on Eden Production and Tears I've already used for one of my boring selfmade composition, the heartbreaking Kiss This (re-upped) weed. The a-side is a decent 3:44 number and I would almost say that I hear a slight breeze of Oi!, comparable to the early English or South American sound, the guitar heavily distorted and four chords are enough. The flip sounds as well, just a bit shorter = finished. Get Baque Records released a cool CD called Belgique Putain Frigide with massive highlights of the early Belgian scene and Charts were immortalized on it - Enjoy!!

HISTERIA OI! - Meninos Do Brasil 1988

Let's move to São Paulo and meet Histeria Oi!, formed 1982 and they released one album via Devil Discos and recorded were twelve solid Oi! numbers by Animal (bass), Betão (vocals), Marcelo + Toni (guitars) and Vitorio (drums). I have not much info about them but a few words I found via the great Lone Rider site, an interview with Bronco Armyalso from São PauloHisteria Oi! released a very raw and powerful album in the 80’s and a few songs for the compilation series Oi! Um Grito De Uniao some years later. Their record had the real face of suburban Oi! music, with themes that all suburban kids could identify with. We recorded two Histeria cover songs that should have been released in a tribute to them, but due to some problems between label, organizers and bands this tribute will probably never be released… - Well, few words but all who loves a good streetpunk sound comes fully at their expense.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FLATSCH! - Was Mer Hat Des Hat Mer 1980

Flatsch!, named after the sound what makes a cake, or similar beautiful things, if it lands in a face, was a hessian band + founded in Offebach and plays a solid rock sound with funny german lyrics, mostly in hessian dialect recited, and in the Rhein-Main Bembel area very popular with their mix of rock and comedy. Gerd Knebel, the singer of the band, has become nationally known as one half of comedy duo Badesalz (along with Henni Nachtsheim). Live (as far as I can remember) an exciting pleasure and they played at that time lots in youth clubs or similar places and I had the opportunity to experience them a few times for little Deutsch-Mark. For everyone here in Frankfurt/Offenbach is Flatsch! a term as Äppelwoi or Handkäs'. But even if you don't understand a fucking word they are a musical highlight. So this is their legendary debut on Rockport (original on Tonstudio Bieber) in a modest recording quality and the band existed from 1979-1988. More info on wiki.

Monday, 12 February 2018

GECKOS - Twilight Zoo EP 1989

I became acquainted with the Geckos when I did my community service 1990 in Lüneburg and browsed Hamburg for records and I found among others this little EP in a well-stocked record shop in St.Pauli. The Geckos made their debut album 1988 called 'Gritar' and one year later 'Twilight Zoo' with four beautiful pop songs, both on Rockaway Beach Records. The flip is for me the winner, "All In Vain" is a nice acoustic song while "Your Ears" brings a bit more speed, both with brilliant lyrics. And a goodie in German is also within. All in all a pleasant little example Hamburger Schule.

Friday, 9 February 2018

V/A - Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia 1997

After renewing some Bloodstains posts I add another gem of this series, this time with massive hits from Ex-Yugoslavia, we stay also on the Mediterranean Sea, the place I love and now would to be. Today it gets very frosty again and I hate winter but maybe this hot compilation helps with twenty two glowing stars to get my engine started, who knows? Fact is, today is Friday, soon is weekend, I drink a delicious caramel coffee and I'm amazingly fit. To the slab not much: the créme de la créme of early Yugo-bands are here together and the song selection is quite superb and by using the search function you'll find plenty records of the bands (sure not online anymore, ask for a re-upp). The bike remains in the closet, subway preferred. Wish everyone a nice weekend!!

1.Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
3.Lepi In Prazni - PANKRTI 
4.Moj Život Je Novi Val - PARAF 
6.Grad Izobilja - PROBLEMI 
7.Vremenska Prognoza - TERMITI 
8.Smej Sei - KUZLE 
9.Ostan Idiot! - KUZLE 
10.Vahid - KUZLE 
11.Vkoto Sveta - BULDOGI 
12.100 Db - INDUST BAG 
13.TV (Ecerna Revolucija) - LUBLANSKA - PSI 
14.Bila Je Tako Lijepa - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
15.Visokotiražni Mir - PARAF 
16.T Kao Krava - PARAF 
17.Kruha In Iger - PANKRTI 
18.Jest Sem Na Liniji - PANKRTI 
19.Sedemnajst - PANKRTI 
20.Ja Sam Mladić U Najboljim Godinama - PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE 
21.Kratkovidi Magarac - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
22.Kontracepcija - PEKINŠKA PATKA

Thursday, 8 February 2018

V/A - The Price Of Silence 2013

Attractive sounds from my favorite country and the songs were recorded from the late 80s to early 90s. Three combos, probably from the Athens area, have the channel full anwant to share their aggressive moods with us and they do this with full passion. Top record, fantastic hymns and hearty as a sunny holiday in Greece... Enjoy!!

1.Rotenness - REALIST
2.Hate - REALIST
3.The Price Of Silence - REALIST
4.Death Promise - SENTENCE
5.Industrial Terrorism - SENTENCE
7.Sentence - SENTENCE
8.Potencial Victims - SENTENCE
9.In Memory Of Tomorrow - PLAGUE
10.Psychiatric Yard - PLAGUE
11.Getaway - PLAGUE
12.Sentence Memory - PLAGUE
13.You Live In Prison - PLAGUE
14.Never - PLAGUE