Saturday, 19 July 2014

TORPEDO MOSKAU - Malenkaja Rabota 1984

TORPEDO MOSKAU were formed by former members of SLIME, TARGETS & NAPALM and their first apppear with two songs on the compilation Keine Experimente II which was released as well on Weird System, including famous bands such as EA80, Neurotic Arseholes, CHAOS-Z or CRETINS, and a song on the "Life Is A Joke Vol.2" compilation (international bands). The tunes by Torpedo Moskau reminds a little of Wipers and with their psycho-demanding lyrics the four Hamburgs drive at the usual beer & anarchy lyrics of many German-punk bands of the 80s by far. When i first heard the LP, it has me equally excited and for me a milestone in German punk culture. Includes all artwork.


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  2. YES, gerade gesaugt. Gruß der ex Mitbewohner